Revita Veda Power solution to improve skin condition.
First results already in 7 days.


Moisturized & Young looking, Glowing & Soft skin.


Money back guaranteed if no results in 100 days. Yes, this is how confident we are !

The entire beauty and cosmetic range of Revita Veda is based on oils. All our products have oils as the main ingredient, which is then integrated with other natural ingredients to cater to your specific problem areas. This is done through our patented Revita Veda technology which is also in line with the Ayurvedic principles.

The perfect skincare routine


Have amazing results by using our Power combo on daily bases. Here is what you do:

 Every day Morning & Evening: Body wash & Body oil
Weekly:  1-3 times per week use Bath oil 

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Revita Veda are my favorite body cleanse prodcuts, since I find them realy natural comparing to others. I have googled every ingredient myself and this as very clean indeed. I am happy.


I realy like body oils, each of them have specific sence and they moisturize my skin very well. Especially I like the light texture of Energising oil and effect of Relaxing oil


When I discovered these products I do not use anymore other products at all. This is perfect, I would suggest everyone to try it otherwise you don’t know what you are loosing. This is absolutely perfect for skin, hair, I cannot even imagine another daily skin care products which stands is same level as these ones.


Bath oil is very good, it really moisturize my problematic psoriasis skin and what is the best it does not leave oily clogs in the bath.