Revita Veda Body care products contain a lot of beneficial extracts and one of them is Shatavari extracts. Shatavari is a species of asparagus plant that has been known already for many centuries for its useful properties. Mostly it is known as a plant to improve fertility and libido, but it also has very good abilities when it comes to skin healing. Shatavari is a safe and natural anti-aging herb. In studies it was shown that saponins in Shatavari root help to reduce wrinkle formation on the skin. It also helps to provide emollient or moisturizing properties to the skin. Using Shatavari in the long term you may notice the skin becomes firm, smooth and gets a younger look. 


By using Revita Veda body cleanse products together with one of the body oils you may turn your daily shower into a skin healing ritual. How? It is simple, all Revita Veda products are natural and organic, they all contain oils and a lot of beneficial extracts including Shatavari extract. Our products are good to combine since all main extracts are the same in every product, and it gives a double effect. 


How? Wash skin with Revita Veda Body wash. Apply any body oil of your choise on wet skin, massage skin for better effect until it observes and rinse with warm water until you feel there are no oily remains. It is suggested to do the same ritual in the morning and evening.  The amazings results will come already after the first week.