Free product trial  Terms and Condition

If you are the person who like to share your experience in social media, we are willing to give you our product for free trial. Please read below terms and conditions and apply if you are interested here: Apply here


  1. Geographic Eligibility: Applicants must be residents of either the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Germany.
  2. Language Proficiency: Applicants must be fluent in English and/or Dutch to effectively communicate their experiences with the product.
  3. Social Media Criteria: Applicants must have an active Instagram account with a minimum of 500 followers where most of them will be from Belgium or Netherlands, UK and Germany. 
  4. Interest in Health and Organic Skin Care: Applicants should demonstrate an interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and be enthusiastic about organic skin care products.
  5. Additional Interests: Applicants who have interests in yoga, Ayurveda, or related wellness practices will be given preference, but not the main criteria.
  6. Product Selection: Eligible applicants will receive one of the Revita Veda products to test it out. Product will be selected by Revita Veda, but your wish will be considered as well.
  7. Review Submission: After receiving the product, applicants are required to use it for a specified period and then provide a detailed review of their experience.
  8. Review Request: Revita Veda will send a review request via email to applicants after they have had enough time to use the product effectively.
  9. Instagram Reel and Story: Applicants must create a minimum of one Instagram reel and one story about the product they received. The content should be genuine and reflective of their experience. Revita Veda must be tagged in the reel and story.
  10. Reposting Rights: Revita Veda reserves the right to repost the content shared by the applicants on their social media platforms or the Revita Veda website, giving appropriate credits to the original creators.
  11. Time Limit: Applicants must complete the review, reel, and story within 2 weeks after receiving the product.
  12. Genuine Feedback: Applicants are encouraged to provide honest and unbiased feedback about the product to help Revita Veda improve its offerings.
  13. Data Privacy: Personal information provided during the application process will be handled in accordance with privacy regulations and will only be used for the purpose of this product trial.
  14. Acceptance Criteria: Fulfilling all the above requirements does not guarantee selection. Revita Veda reserves the right to select applicants based on its discretion and availability of products.
  15. Agreement to Terms: By applying for the free product trial, applicants agree to abide by these rules and any additional instructions provided by Revita Veda.

Future Cooperation and Benefits: Revita Veda values successful operation and may consider extending the collaboration with eligible participants beyond the initial product trial. Depending on the quality of the reviews and content provided, participants may have the opportunity to receive more products for trial in the future. Additionally, Revita Veda may explore other potential benefits, such as exclusive discounts, special offers, or participation

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