Believe us or not, a human body houses a thousand types of bacteria and viruses. Yes, your body, and ours – we all have them.
However, not all bacteria are bad. There are good bacteria as well, and these are the ones that help us fight against bad bacteria.

??Are You Washing Your Hands Properly?

While good bacteria do their job, it is equally important that you do your job well, and maintain hygiene. This is why washing your hands is important. It not only removes dirt and dust from your hands but also helps you get rid of bad bacteria and viruses.
Here is the catch: more often than not, while washing our hands, we also tend to get rid of good bacteria that are essentially good for our body. This usually happens when we wash our hands using harsh detergents and soaps. This means that we end up lowering our immunity unknowingly.
To avoid this from happening, it is recommended to wash and take care of your skin in the correct way. Ideally, you should wash your body and hands with natural ingredients, which do not damage natural microflora on the skin and ensure that all the natural processes run properly. This is the correct way to protect your body from any viruses especially now, in this well know critical time, when viruses are spreading more than ever.
What’s more, whenever you use chemical antiseptics or other detergents to wash your hands, the natural moisture of your skin is ripped away. This is the reason that you feel an urgent need to moisturize your skin using oil and hand cream.
You should wash your hands when handling raw food especially meat, before eating or preparing food, when treating open wounds, after touching animals and using toilets.
Washing hands properly not only keeps you protected but also prevents bad bacteria and viruses from spreading.

Wash Hands Organically ❤️??

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