SPA ritual with oil Oil massage, also known as Abhyanga massage, is a form of Ayurvedic technique that recommends massaging your body with an oil catering to your needs.
Massage your body well at least for 20 minutes for the best results. Next, wash it off using Revita Veda Shower oil. You can also use a natural body scrub (see below).
Instead of showering, you can also soak yourself for 15 – 20 minutes in Revita Veda Bath oil, for double effect. Once you do this, your skin will feel extremely nourished and you won’t need to apply any body lotion or additional oil after showering. The reason – your skin’s natural oil balance gets restored.
Pat oil on your skin after the shower Contrary to what we explained above, here, you can choose to massage your body with oil after having a shower. Wet skin will absorb the oil better and faster. You can then leave the oil onto your skin until it is dry, and gently pat it with tissue paper to remove the excess of it. Body scrub powder and body oil Another effective way to reap the goodness of oils is by mixing your body scrub powder with the body oil and using it while showering instead of soap. This will not only clean your skin but also moisturize and relax it effectively, thus ruling out any need of hydrating your skin externally after a shower.
Revita Veda suggests you make your own body scrub by mincing Green Mung Dal (Mung beans) and mixing them with Neem powder or Shatavari, salt and any oil and little water. Use body oil as a massage oil You can also use Revita Veda’s body oil as a massage oil sports massage, shiatsu massage, aromatherapy massage, and other techniques. The heat of the hand will help you fetch the maximum benefits from oil. This will not only strengthen you physically, but it will also relax you mentally, while also improving your skin quality. To get the best results, it is essential to choose the right oil depending on its characteristics. For relaxing or sports massage, Revita Veda’s Relaxing oil is the right pick. It will soothe your body and help you fetch relief from any pain.
The oil will also relax your muscles. For body scrub or daily skin SPA, use Revita Veda’s Cleansing & detoxing oil. It will deep-cleanse your skin and improve its texture visibly. For starting your day and boosting your energy, both physically and mentally, Revita Veda Energizing oil will fit the best. If you are looking for an oil for stimulating sensual feelings and energizing sensitive points on your body, use Sensual& Aphrodisiac oil. Evaluate your requirements and choose the oil which fits you the best. You can also explore our entire collection here.