Beneficial uses of body oils

There are multiple proven benefits involved with applying body oils that contain essential oils. A diverse range of oils provide different benefits and are available for different skin types and age groups. Read further if you are curious what you can gain from involving oils in your daily skin routine in the long run.

First of all, the use of oils leads to a more hydrated skin. Medical research on patients with Xerosis (dry skin) has shown that almond oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil have even significantly increased skin hydration after only two weeks of time. It’s better to prevent than to cure; natural oils can keep your skin in balance.

Extensive research has also shown that a diverse range of (plant) oils have proven benefits for different skin types: some plant oils do not only moisturise the skin, but also promote wound healing and repair damaged skin barrier. So involving oils is not only great for prevention, but also healing.

A boost for your mental well-being
Don’t underestimate the power of oils – as it even goes beyond physical benefits. Moreover, medical research has demonstrated the effectiveness of lavender essential oil in the prevention and even treatment of depression and anxiety related symptoms.

This is not only the case with essential oils, but many oils have different beneficial properties. Another interesting example besides lavender essential oil, is rose oil. Numerous studies have confirmed that rose oil has proven psychological relaxation and anti-anxiety effects, which is very promising.

Protection against inflammation
Besides the proven benefits for mental well-being, we can zoom further into other physical and physiological benefits. In addition to moisturisation, many oils also offer protection against external harmful factors – so that for example microbes won’t survive.

Research also supports the fact that oils can definitely protect against inflammation and microbes. Scientific research also underlines the importance of grape seed oil that has inevitable beneficial properties for the health, such as anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

How can this be applied to our daily lives?
The moral of the story, supported by scientific research, is that oils have tremendous benefits. In order to pamper yourself and have a soothing and moisturised skin, the practical solution is applying body oils. As with many things in life, patience and persistence is key.

Due to our current modern time, it’s useful and convenient to use body oils that involve the best oils. One great example is this luxurious and high-quality detox body oil, which is full of beneficial oils including grape seed oil. Why would you use body products with harsh, chemical components while body oils are softer for the skin and are a great treat for your skin, regardless of the season of the year.

To fully enjoy the benefits of a high-quality body oil, the best way to apply body oils is applying it after a shower and massaging it into the skin. Enjoy life more by starting to care better for yourself.