Bathing is an inevitable part of our daily routine as human beings. Not only does bathing clean the skin properly, but it also prevents dead skin accumulation. A proper bathing routine involves a good bath oil. What makes bath oil so important?

Good for the heart and head 

First of all, a warm bath itself has a diverse range of benefits. Among other studies, one scientific study also confirms that regular hot water bathing (more than 5 times per week) is associated with a healthier cardiovascular system. So it’s literally good for your heart to take a hot water bath regularly.

Bathing with bath oil also helps you to relax extra after a long, busy day. Bath oil has proven to benefit people mentally, regardless of age. One research has even shown that mothers were more relaxed and very young infants cried less and spent more time in deep sleep after a bath with lavender bath oil, compared with bathing without any bath oil.

Effective against dryness and more
On top of that, bath oil is also a great skin moisturiser. Empirical research has also shown that the regular use of bath oil is effective to improve the skin barrier function in children and adults. According to a medical research paper, the importance of the skin barrier function cannot be overemphasised: it protects the human body from external threats such as allergens, toxicity, infectious agents and chemicals while it also helps with internal functions. 

One concrete example of internal benefits is homeostasis, which keeps the body in balance as this refers to maintaining stability (such as maintaining body temperature and fluid balance). Taking the step to use bath oil goes deeper than you might have thought. It’s not only effective against dryness, but it has proven to improve the skin barrier function, which protects the body both externally and internally.

Woman in the bath

Interesting ingredients for a powerful bath oil

To distinguish between different bath oils, it’s interesting to zoom into ingredients. Then you can ensure the best skin food. One interesting example of an outstanding ingredient is Brahmi. According to a medical review, the main element in Brahmi that causes therapeutic benefits is bacoside A, which is used due to its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. So integrating such ingredients such as a Brahmi extract will help protect your skin.

Another great ingredient is coconut oil. Many ancient traditions have used this oil for medicinal purposes. Clinical research has shown that coconut oil even improves barrier function in vulnerable low-birth-weight babies, compared to babies in the same category who didn’t receive any oil application at all. This also shows the importance of applying good oils in everyday life, regardless of age or condition.

The integration of excellent ingredients for a perfect bath oil

If you are searching for the best bath oil, this oils-based bath oil from Revita Veda would be an excellent choice. It only contains high-quality and effective ingredients such as the promising Brahmi extract and coconut oil. Enjoy your bath while gaining long-term benefits for both your body and mind. Patience is key and using it  regularly at least a few times per week or not less than one time per week is a great gift to your skin. After using it, your skin feels soft, flexible, and well-fed, which is especially helpful in winter.

Revita Veda bath oil follows Ayurvedic principles, focusing on fixing the root issues. Just the bath oil is often enough, but if your skin needs more care, like for psoriasis or eczema, try to apply on wet skin one of Revita Veda’s Body oils. We already spoke about impotence of body oils in our previous articles, here: Secret to radiant skin; and here Can Body oils truly transform your skin care? 

These body oils are made from natural oils and essential oils, suitable for everyone. Depending on what you want:

      • Detox: Cleanse deeply and make your body skin more elastic, boost blood circulation and reduce cellulites; 
      • Relax: Ease stress and help you relax deeply. Perfect for better sleep. 
      • Energize: Boost energy and warm your body, and improve overall processes in the body like metabolism. 
      • Sensual: Feel more sensual and upbeat, improve your mood. 

Revita Veda’s products have something for everyone!


In conclusion, embracing a well-prepared bath routine with quality bath oils offers numerous benefits beyond cleanliness. From promoting heart health to enhancing mental relaxation and skincare, the advantages are extensive. Ingredients like Brahmi extract and coconut oil in products such as Revita Veda’s oils-based bath oil offer long-term benefits for both body and mind. Consistent use of these oils, complemented by Revita Veda’s body oils, tailored for specific skin needs, presents a holistic skincare solution suitable for everyone. Elevate your bathing experience and nurture your skin with these exceptional products, contributing to a healthier, more relaxed, and rejuvenated you.